Heather and Tegan are first year college coeds who share everything. That’s, until Tegan finds Heather’s sextoy and suddenly wants nothing to do with her best friend. But Heather doesn’t take no for an answer and throws Tegan on the bed, determined to show her what the Hitachi is all about. Tegan puts up a fight but quickly loses and lets her BFF get even more acquainted with her tight snatch. The gals explore handcuffs and blindfolds, orgasm denial and Heather even cums so hard this babe squirts all over Tegan’s naked belly. Enter here to watch more!

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Holly Heart is a California Beach Barbie with buff guns and thighs of iron. She is so toned, she actually STOPPED working out coz this babe wanted to be soft to the touch. This brute strength packaged in a feminine form makes Holly a fucking machines athelete. She uses her capacity for long endurance challenges to fuck until she has multiple orgasms.
Watching Holly glide a slick dildo into her cunt by hand is so hawt we linger on her twat for over a minute while her juices overflow out of her snatch and cover the sextoy. She stops herself before she cums and this denial erupts on the Little Dude.
Scene two has her chanting “I can’t stop cumming, I can’t stop cumming” as the Intruder reaches near max speed. Hotness all around – don’t miss out on Holly Heart. Enter here to watch more!

After a hawt 100% fucksall fucking where Alexa looks like she might burst from O overdrive, she opens up and tells us what she really fantasizes about.
During the scene change, Alexa confesses that this sweetheart likes to go to sex clubs, collar strangers and play all kinds of denial games with her one night stand submissives.
Anything she desires brings makes her more anxious and her body language is not so subtly telling us that she wants to know what it would be like to be tied up and teased and fucked. We get the hint, ask her all the ordinary consent questions, and then blow her mind by doing everything this woman didn’t mention. She is blindfolded and teased by sounds of the sextoy, the medical forceps clicking, the nipp suction pump, the feeling of something really cold…
Not knowing what to expect is enough to turn her on for the MoJo machine where this honey takes the entire knob shaft deep. This causes the ice bucket and her stomach to sway and yet, Alexa has no idea still what will happen. Enter here to watch more!
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Billi Ann is a tight, hard body from Southern California. She’s 5 foot 4 inches, with natural well sized boobs, toned legs and a supple lower back that allows for great arching and fucking with the machines.
She finds her sweet g-spot with the Mojo and as she climaxes, the sextoy pushes balls deep into her vagina, squeezing out her cum around the edges of the knob. Enter here to watch more!
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We are on a squirting roll these days – Madison Scott tucks her legs behind her head and exposes her perfect, tight vagina to The Little Guy. This position allows the dildo to drive straight down into her, hitting her g-spot on entry and exit until she cums.
But she really loses it on The Sybian where this chick does the splits over the high power sextoy. As she gets tired, her legs can’t prop her up and her clit rests on the Sybian until this hottie cums an absolute river over the machine. With her spread out and balancing, her perfect huge bumpers are exposed for the suction cups which add a little nipple play to the party.
Madison is an absolute chick and a bundle of hot to watch fuck machines. Enter here to watch more!
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Gracie Glam was taking a relaxing bath when we showed up with rope and some tape. This sexually excited teenage slut was getting off on the slippery sensation of being gagged and bound in the bathtub! Big ass and delicate vagina, we shoved a sextoy in her slippery wet ass and clamped her pussy lips for that extra pulsating sensation while that dick rammed hard in her adorable cunt…