Round 1 of our Live Audience show warmed the cuties up and showed their fuck machine competition what to expect. The porn virgin, Lizzy Rose cums with a look of surprise on her face as she had no idea what fucking a machine in front of a crowd and during a live show was even possible for her. Rookie, Devon Taylor, is a two minute wonder with a creamy cunt to proof she comes faster than a speeding bullet. And rising rookie starlet, Chloe Camilla, was like the hare and took off at 1 million percent for a screaming, full Fucksall throttle orgasm. Now in Round 2, the panties are off and all three are willing to get a leg up on their competition. Orgasm denial becomes the main weapon for these chicks as they all struggle to come before someone turns down The Booty Blaster or takes away the magic wand. It gets damn near primal with these girls fucking it out for another orgasm. So cast your votes on the boards as you pick the winner in this 3 round Fucking Machines Competition. So far, no cutie is in the lead. Also in this update is a bonus fucking of Lizzy who wanted to feel some serious speed in her twat. Devon and Chloe put aside their competitive sides and help fuck Lizzy to bliss. Enter here to watch more!
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